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It’s quite common for mission-focused entrepreneurs to have issues with sales. It might seem out of character. Energetically, it feels “off” when we have to talk about the price, pitch the product and try to “close” the client.

What if you could do things your way? A way that feels authentic to you?

This is what the selling with love challenge is all about. Join the 5-day journey to gain clarity on what you sell who you sell it to and why.

By the end of the 5-day challenge, you’ll have the confidence and clarity to reach out to the people who will pay you what you are worth. You’ll get to transform lives through your product and service and attract more referrals from there!

"Jason's ideas and wisdom around sales are incredible. He is not just proficient at the human element, but with automation and tools too. His methods are always based on caring for the buyers and leading towards the higher good. This aligns with our values, and most of all -- it works!"

- Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of Mindvalley

Here's what you're getting:


Eliminate Sales Fear NOW

Learn what Selling with Love is all about and what happens when you can see how emotions will make or break the success of your business. Then, we go straight into removing blocks.


Clarify Your Purpose and Passion

See the magic that happens when you get so clear on the problems you solve, the impact you make and the secret "ripple" that will help you be unstoppable when you sell.


Identify and Attract Your Perfect Clients

You are looking to change people's lives for the better right? This day is a gamechanger for making sure to know where to find the perfect clients and serve them powerfully.


Build the Ultimate Product

If you ever got stuck selling a product for a price that pays you what you deserve, it stops on Day 4. Learn the power of "Log-Scale" product mapping and start to see why you need to serve (and be loved when selling).


Build the Sales System to get Clients Consistently

Your foundation is solid. This is when we start to learn all the ways we can be more effective in selling our products or services. No gimmicks, no annoying tactics. Just human to human ways to connect, serve and grow.


Discover the power of the Selling With Love Methodology

"The 5-Day Challenge exceeded all of my expectations, delivering massive value and clarity, whilst transforming the way that I think and feel about selling.
It is designed to get you taking action in logical steps that will have a positive impact on your business."

I'm Jason Marc Campbell

I've had a love story with sales since a young age. I've always had a chance to work in industries where I saw the power it holds. Now, I studied what happens when you bring values of caring, leadership and love in the sales process. Buyers are happier to buy, and us selling and business owners feel good about selling. That's the magic we are looking for.

I've had a chance to work at Mindvalley as an executive and my book Selling with Love was an Amazon best seller. I've spoken on international stages alongside Gary V, Vishen Lakhiani, Lisa Nichols and so much more. I now live in Bali and focus on serving the spiritual community who want to raise human consciousness to learn the power of sales. The world needs leaders to start movements, one sale at a time.


Leave your Sales Struggles behind

Join us for 5-days that will change your life. You'll leave the challenge with a set of maps that will give you clarity on Why your sell, Who you sell to, What you sell and How you'll do it. Plus, you'll learn why YOU - are the perfect person to do what you do. Join today.